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Awin Talks

Nov 16, 2018

Victor Dahlborg is the Co-founder of Refunder. Today Refunder is Swedens largest cashback site – or – as they describe themselves, a Social shopping site.

Victor Dahlborg

"I would characterize myself as an entrepreneur, but I have a previous background as Global Brand/Marketing Director for companies like PriceRunner and MTG and Telefonica. Some people might also know that I was the founder of the certification Trygg E-handel, that guides consumers in Sweden and Norway to retailers who actually fulfill higher demands than what the law requires. I also co-founded the car buying guide that helps people who really doesn’t care about the logo on the hood, but wants to find a car that matches their needs and price. And that is a really interesting industry.

I would say that the car industry is probably the last disruptive industry after the travel and music industry. It really needs to go through a big change in order to meet the new buying behavior we see in so many other industries.  Something that not so many people know is that I was working with a team to build the first – and actually a better version - of todays AirBnB. The problem was that it was launched only 2 weeks before the crash (in April 2000) J. And the conclusion of that…… its all about Timing."