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Awin Talks

Jul 5, 2018


In this episode of AwinTalks, I had the opportunity to chat with one of the Nordic affiliate industry´s most long standing experts. Mats, a former network Head of tech created Kickback in 2009. KickBack is now one of the largest affiliate publishers in the entire Nordics, is a part of Schibsted Media Group and now operates within the verticals of CashBack, Voucher and editorial content.

Some of the questions asked in this interview at times push the comfort zones of both myself and my guest as we explored the value of big media house investments in the affiliate industry and the relevance of influencer agencies.

As always I want to carve out some space for my own opinion. I believe in accountable traffic. As is it the case that Affiliate traffic is generally the most accountable of all digitally driven, at times I find it difficult not to deride any affiliate players making claims of value that are not verifiably trackable. This is basically where I land with regard to some agencies. Advertisers and influencers should tread carefully when it comes to evaluating returns from such partners. Unclear value return creates a surefire scaling gamble. This is not a blanket statement about influencer agencies. This is a statements about those who operate as outlined only. Affiliate marketing by design shields advertisers from making such gambles through its performance based commission model. It may be simple and it may not be laced with buzz words but, it’s accurate and scalable.

Mats also focuses heavily on the need for greater education in the digital marketing field. He advocates for education through relationship building and a focus on transparent business practices.